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The WHY to Nutrition

Working in the health and fitness industry I am exposed to meeting and working with all different types of people. I learned quickly that this industry has a special classification. Every single one of us NEEDS proper nutrition but I have found that it’s common for individuals to brush nutrition to the side because they don’t understand the real importance behind it. We’ll spend a fine penny on exercise programs, purchase all the necessary gear, buy supplements when there may not even be a real need for it, book trips to fun places and spend finances on all the materials things in life BUT are hesitant to invest the most important piece of our health, nutrition. Honestly, I don’t blame anyone because the way our society works is we were never taught nutrition in our youth and we are exposed to so many different types of products. I’ll admit I was once that person as well. It was only when I took the time to dig deeper into the saying, “you are what you eat”, for me to have that ‘AH HA’ moment. I grew to become fascinated by it and fell in love with the subject so much that I enrolled and received a Master’s Degree in it.

I have attended different corporate events, hosted nutritional lectures, met with other medical professionals and lead group classes. In those times, I have concluded one common theme, we all want to look good, feel good but not everyone wants to make the effort to change the way they eat because they view it as a ‘chore’ opposed to a 'lifestyle'. There’s a psychological road block where we fear changing dietary habits. Our society has this quick fix mentality and are looking for that magic pill to health. We want results and we want them, now. The health industry has fed off of that and in result, has produced countless “nutrition weight loss” programs. I’ve observed how we so quickly run to those types of programs and will spend that fine penny on them. But are they beneficial for the long-term? Sorry to say it, but no. If there was a magic pill for all our wants and needs, life would be a lot easier for us all. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but those “quick fix” or “fad diets” out there have potential to work, but not for the long-haul. Food is a huge part of life and our culture. We all love, desire and crave certain foods. If we deprive our bodies of certain nutrients with these quick fix fad diets, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Sure, we’ll likely lose weight because those nutritional programs control your portions, remove certain ingredients out of your diet and hold you accountable for X amount of time. But, at some point that time will run out, we’ll start feeling nutritionally deprived and give up. This feeling of deprivation will drive anyone crazy. That craziness will drive you to revert back to old dietary habits which could potentially (and likely) bring any weight that was lost, back. Why do that to yourself? Why not invest that fine penny to take some time with a professional that understands nutrition, balance, sustainability and longevity. These professionals, like myself, can educate and teach you so much about the beauty and creativity of nutrition and how to never get to a place of feeling deprived all while reaching any goals you’re looking to achieve.

Ok so, why is nutrition important? The human body is a machine that requires a balance of a few simple ingredients to function properly; water, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. It’s as simple as that. We need proper nutrition for every cell and organ to function properly. It’s essential to grow, reproduce, maintain optimal health, avoid disease/illness, to build and repair muscle, bone and other body tissues. Are you one of those people that suffer with low energy, headaches/migraines, restless sleep, gas/bloating, weight gain, high blood pressure, etc.? Or are you one of those people that work out so much but can’t understand why you’re not gaining muscle mass and dropping those LBS? If you are, it’s in your best interest to review what types of foods you’re eating or lack of. That’s what I am here to do. Help guide you, educate you and put you on a path to better health. You do not need a special shake, pill or feeling of deprivation to help get you to your goals. All you need is, a little time, commitment, and dedication to making the effort to learn more about nutrition and take the necessary steps to a happier and healthier lifestyle for the long term.

Something to think about….. :)

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