Meet Katie

Katie Diehl, MSACN is a known nutritionist and health expert that believes that optimal performance and health is driven through the foods you eat.  Katie received her Bachelor's Degree from Marist College and graduated with honors in a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the New York Chiropractic College.  She is the owner and founder of Diehl Nutrition and notable food blogger of ‘TheDailyDiehl’.  Katie understands and values the importance of proper health and is passionate about educating clients on the ‘WHY’ to nutrition.  Katie believes that if you understand nutrition then you'll better know how to apply it for the long term.


Katie offers nutrition and wellness counseling to individuals in person, online and on-site with corporations.  She also hosts many public speaking seminars in the local area. Katie focuses on sports nutrition, healthy weight loss, gut health, weight management, wellness, meal planning and delivers the ingredients you need in order to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Katie’s services are not limited to scheduled office or online appointments.  She also offers grocery shopping tours, teaches individuals to find their inner chef by teaching the art of getting creative in the kitchen, organize the pantry and offers helpful tips on meal preparation and planning for you and/or the family. 

Apart from nutrition, Katie has a passion for helping people be their strongest self. She has 8 years experience in the Crossfit community, 4 years as a coach. Katie has also coached at Next Generation Fitness, F45 and JoyRide Studios. In addition, she works directly with the owner and head chef at Maikana Foods to ensure quality nutrition and individualizes meal plans for teenage soccer athletes at Keep Kicking Soccer.

Katie’s Philosophy:

“In today's world there are so many things that affect your health; the foods you consume, the water you drink, stress we endure or toxins we absorb. There is nothing more important than your health. My mission is to educate, inspire and support my clients by creating a sustainable healthy relationship with their diet as well as guiding each client into lifestyle changes to enhance overall wellness and quality of life."

Please join me in reaching a place of life-long health, one bite at a time.  


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