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December 29, 2016

With weight loss, people generally want to lose drastic weight in a short period of time.  I wish I could supply everyone with a magic pill that would get you to a weight of your dreams. Sadly, I can’t offer that.  But what I can offer is my knowledge, experience and skills with nutrition and understanding how the body stores and burns fat.

I understand that the quick fixes of the world seem a lot more appetizing then taking the marathon route to get there.  If you know me, you know I am highly against fad diets.  Primarily because they never last and in most cases cause people to end up exactly where they started – feeling frustrated, gaining lost weight back, fed up, tired, and confused.  Food and nutrition shouldn’t feel like a job, it should feel like a lifestyle.  By understanding how your body utilizes nutrients, you’ll be more inclined to stay away from those popular fad diets and learn balance and eating right for you.

Today I want to focus on how we store fat...

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February 13, 2017

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